This is a simple list of general guidelines for the 2 Broke Girls Wiki.

Unacceptable behaviorEdit

  1. Spamming, posting external links excessively, or using excessive uppercase
  2. Harassing other users for any reason, including discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, or orientation
  3. Constantly disputing or counter-productively edit-warring
  4. Bashing or threatening a user, pairing, character, etc.
  5. Plagiarize or post information without a source (see Project:Verifiability)
  6. Posting mature content, including profanity and sexually explicit content. Keep in mind that 2 Broke Girls is a show geared towards a young audience and the wiki should be kept as such.
  7. Vandalizing, making unconstructive edits, or editing solely for the purpose of getting badges
  8. Joining the wiki without being 13 or older, not following a standard of writing expected from a young adult (see Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)

Breaking any of the rules above may lead to consequences such as a block.

Suggestions for editingEdit

The purpose of the 2 Broke Girls Wiki is to provide a comprehensive and accurate source of information about 2 Broke Girls for its visitors. These are important recommendations to consider when editing:

  1. Preview before publishing. Oftentimes, clicking the preview button helps you catch red links, messy formatting, or other mistakes so that you don't have to correct it again.
  2. Include sources in all trivia. This helps people access the original source if a statement may arouse contentions.
  3. Use neutral point of view. For example, it is not appropriate to write on Kat Dennings' page that Kat is the best cast member even if you are a fan of Kat. We welcome all fans on the wiki, so it is important to not make edits biased in a particular manner.
  4. Include an edit summary in past tense. Especially when making big additions or removals and when reverting others' edits, it is helpful to see in the article's revision history when big changes were made. 

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