Content that is posted on 2 Broke Girls Wiki articles must be verifiable. In other words, all information treated as fact on this site must be able to be supported by a reliable, published source.

In order to guarantee the accuracy of information on 2 Broke Girls Wiki, encyclopedic references must be used where it would be logical to do so. Only information that has been challenged or is likely to be challenged, such as quotations, require citations.

Reliable sources Edit

Reliable sources include but are not limited to news sites and personal accounts of the members of the cast and crew of 2 Broke Girls, Nickelodeon, or other affiliated people or groups.

Twitter Edit

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Other sources Edit

Unreliable sources Edit

Unreliable sources involve sites with content that can be edited by any user. It is acceptable to cite an unreliable source if no other source provides such information, given that the original page's existence is backed up by a reliable source. The following is a list of common unreliable sources.

Unreferenced assertionsEdit

Editors who encounter assertions in canon articles that are dubious in accuracy and have not been sourced should add {{source needed}} at the end of the sentence or paragraph in doubt.

When in doubt of whether or not a source is reliable, ask on the administrator's noticeboard

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