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And the Inside Outside Situation
Season 5, Episode 4
Air date December 10, 2015
Cupcake Total $110.00
Writer Justin Sayre
Director David Trainor
Rating 5.70 Source
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And the Inside Outside Situation is the fourth episode of fifth season of 2 Broke Girls.


Max and Caroline’s cupcake shop is boycotted after they refuse to sell cupcakes to “I”, an artist who wants to put cocktail weenies in them. Worried about how the cocktail weenies would affect their brand as the boxes that cupcakes were in contain Max's cupcake stickers, Caroline has a sidebar with Max giving her her concerns. Max doesn't care and tell Caroline to "Bag it!"


In the beginning of the episode, Caroline is enjoying a sudden surge in tips from male customers. The reason soon becomes clear: The hem of her uniform is tucked into her underwear, exposing her bright pink panties. The oblivious Caroline thinks the generosity is due to her smile and job well done. Max is about to take "the ass train to money town" herself, but stops when she remembers she's not wearing underwear.

At their cupcake shop, Max and Caroline are visited by an artist named "I" who wants to put weiners in their cupcakes for his show. Caroline pulls Max into a sidebar and argues that the weiners will deface their cupcakes. Max doesn't care and yells "Bag it!" which the artist misinterprets as "bigot" and labels them homophobic, even leading the LGBTQ community to boycot their business.

Sophie informs Max and Caroline about the boycutting, even revealing a bad haircut since her hairdresser is gay. Caroline tries to convince the gays that they are not homophobic, only to be pelted by cupcakes. Han tries to defend Max and Caroline, but a short joke from Max ends up making things worse with Han saying she hates everyone. A guy named Terry Williams comes in to order five hundred cupcakes, revealing that he works for a charity called "Family Foremost Fundation".

To their horror, Max and Caroline find out that Family Foremost Fundation is really a homophobic organization when they are invited to recieve a 10,000$ check just for "insulting" the gays. To make things worse, the entire meeting is streaming live. Knowing the gays will hate them forever if they do business with these people, Max and Caroline desperately kiss to save their business and prove they're not homophobic. The episode ends with the gays attending Williamsburg, finally forgiving Max and Caroline.




  • The production code for this episode was #3J5054.


  • This episode was live-filmed on September 9th, 2015 at 5pm.

International Air Dates[]



Guest Stars[]

  • Michael Cyril Creighton - I
  • Travis Schuldt - Terry
  • Kevin Meaney - Brother Dan
  • Chad Michaels - Cher Impersonator
  • Jimmy Wachter - Barbra Impersonator
  • Eileen O'Connell - Ruth Ann
  • Caroline O'Neil - Peggy
  • Amir Levi - Show Tune Gay
  • Steven Moriarty - Diner Cook