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And the Kosher Cupcakes
Season 1, Episode 17
And the kosher cupcakes
Air date February 20, 2012
Cupcake Total $865.00
Writer Liz Feldman
Director Scott Ellis
Rating 11.37 Source
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And the Kosher Cupcakes is the seventeenth episode of the first season of 2 Broke Girls.


Max tries to pass off her cupcakes as kosher when she and Caroline serve them at a boy's Bar Mitzvah.


Caroline is freaking out about getting sick because she can no longer afford health insurance. She feels sicker when Han sneezes on her. Han later agrees to pay for a check-up at a pharmacy run by a local Jewish family. She fails to speak with the doctor, but is able to embarrass herself by speaking Hebrew in an offensive manner. The female pharmacist takes an interest in Max, claiming that she was "looking in a mirror" regarding Max's large breasts and hair. Max gets a cupcake job from her when she overhears a phone call between the pharmacist and a friend who is too sick to bake.

Max starts making the cupcakes, but is forced by Caroline to start again because they are not Kosher. 

The next day, Max and Caroline attend the bar mitzvah, only to be sexually harassed by the pharmacist's son and his friend. During the party, the pharmacist notices that Max is sick and puts her to bed. 

Max, feeling guilty from the good treatment she is getting, reveals that she burned some of the cupcakes. As a result, Max and Caroline are kicked out of the party and loose their money, but Max is allowed to keep a cold compress. 

A few days later, Max returns to work, and buys some soup for Caroline who was caring for her. Caroline reveals that in the meantime, she has learned to "stare germs in he face".



  • Several critics complained that the episode "misrepresented" some portions of the Jewish community, feeling that they had been stereotyped. This article claims that Jews are mocked in the episode.


  • Caroline speaks both Hebrew and Yiddish in this episode.
  • Kat Dennings is Jewish in real life.