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And the Three Boys With Wood
Season 2, Episode 7
And the Three Boys With Wood
Air date November 19, 2012
Cupcake Total $1,328.00
Writer Morgan Murphy
Director Thomas Kail
Rating 9.74 Source
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And the Three Boys With Wood is the seventh episode of the second season of 2 Broke Girls.


Caroline can't seem to get Andy more interested once he finds out she's a Channing; Max brings home two Amish teens and offers them a place to stay in exchange for them building Chestnut a barn.


Caroline is getting ready for her date with Andy. Andy comes in, and chats with Max. He realizes that Caroline is Caroline Channing. He is floored—he thought she was just a regular girl. They go outside and see Caroline posing next to Chestnut.


Caroline’s date does not go well. Andy won’t make a move on her, even when she uses her sexy voice. She decides he must be gay. Max reassures her that he is into her, but she won’t listen. 

Two Amish boys enter the diner and pisses Max and tries to get rid of what she thinks are 'Amish hipster Wannabes' only they really are Amish. They are on Rumspringa. Max and Caroline decide they can manipulate the boys into building a barn for Chestnut. They bring the Amish boys home. 


Sophie comes in and sees the “two cute puppies in the kitchen.” Max assures her that the boys are just there to build a barn. When Sophie wants to play with the puppies, she gets kicked out.

As the Amish build the barn and Max comforts Chestnut about his new future home. Caroline comes out for her date with Andy, dressed as slutty as possible. The Amish boys ask Max if they can take off their shirts. Sophie helps from above by dumping a watering can over their muscles.

And the Three Boys With Wood 5

At the club, Caroline isn’t successful. She calls Max, annoyed that she isn’t getting anywhere. Max offers to come and “run into them.” She brings the Amish boys with her, afraid to leave them at Sophie’s mercy. Andy knows that Caroline called Max. Max asks him what’s wrong with him—make a move! He reveals the problem: she is Caroline Channing! She was practically a princess. Andy doesn’t feel like he’s good enough for her.

And the Three Boys With Wood

Max rushes over and tells Caroline to act cheap and unrefined. Caroline attempts to chug draft beer and freak dance with the Amish boy. She freak dances, but Jacob gets a little overwhelmed by her grinding and collapses. Andy kisses Caroline. Jebediah thanks Max for letting them stay and asks her for words of wisdom, but she has nothing to offer beyond encouraging him to enjoy sex and candy.


Caroline: I've never dated poor, what is acceptable on a first date?

Max: Well I'm pretty classy, so anal?

Caroline looks horrified, then pulls an ear-to-ear grin as she shakes her head

Caroline: I'm not that poor.

Caroline: I love the Amish culture!

Max: You love every culture, you salute all the flags at iHop.

Jebediah: Did you see the size of her nursers?

Jebediah: Would it be okay if we took our shirts off?

Max (a little too eagerly): Yeah, sure.
Max: Stuttering Yeah I mean yeah sure if you want to..

They are very toned and muscular

Max: Oh crap, I don't have any ones.

Max: Look a new hipster strain, ironic Amish. No way I'm taking care of these two butter churners right now.

Look, I'm telling you what I told Mumford and sons. Get out.

Caroline: Ooh sorry I left my bra.

Jacob: stuttering You're bra?

Jebediah: Jacob stop acting like a child. I'm sorry about him.

Max: Don't be at least it was her bra, mine would've killed the kid.

—Max, Caroline, Jebediah and Jacob



  • This episode was live-filmed in USA on 10th October 2012. Source

International Air Dates[]

  • Canada: November 19, 2012 on Citytv
  • United Kingdom: December 27, 2012 on E4/E4 HD


  • When Caroline sends Sophie out, she opens the door twice.


Guest Cast[]