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General Information
Gender Female
Age 38
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Address New York City
Occupation(s) Receptionist at the Manhattan School of Pastry
Family & Friends
Family Unknown Mother
Employer Nicolas
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And the Pastry Porn
Last appearance And the Icing on the Cake
Portrayer Mary Lynn Rajskub

Bebe, portrayed by Mary Lynn Rajskub, is a recurring character on 2 Broke Girls. She is the receptionist, and an ex-chef, at the Manhattan School of Pastry.


Bebe was a chef at the school until she had some sort of nervous breakdown, she spent a while under observation at a psychiatric clinic but has now returned to work - though she no longer teaches she works at the school, now as the receptionist. She still has panic attacks, and is triggered by people yelling, and she still goes to a therapist.

Bebe has three Cocker Spaniels which she rescued, she has to take them with her every time she goes out in the car - though when she drove Max and Caroline to Antonia's funeral she only took one. Normally her mother would drive her to appointments because she's not actually allowed to drive a car.

At some point she was knocked down by three cars, successively  - each one after the other. Her advice to Caroline if she ever gets hit by a car was to "just stay down", indicating that she was hit each time she tried to get up again.

Physical Appearance[]

Bebe has long dark hair which is usually pulled back into a pony tail, she is of average height. While at the Pastry School she wears a white chef jacket. Outside of Pastry School she wears shirts and sweaters with dogs on them. 


  • She has three Cocker Spaniel which she rescued
  • She is not allowed to carry babies
  • She was nicknamed 'the Mood Swing Elf' by Caroline
  • She is not allowed to drive a car
  • She moved to Tokyo for a day
  • Her mother drivers her to all her appointments 
  • When she drove Max and Caroline to Antonia's funeral she took one of her dogs in the car, she told them that her therapist would be proud for her only taking one since she normally has to bring all of them
  • She got knocked down by three cars 
  • She usually had peanut butter and crackers for lunch in the dark
  • To her, she thinks Nicolas has the eyes and the heart of a dog
  • The first time she tried salad she commented that it tasted like lettuce 
  • She never had sandwiches before
  • She had to move to Canada because 'they found her'
  • She was nicknamed 'BB gun' by Deke
  • She labeled the Student Financial Files 'Depressing'
  • According to Bebe her full name is actually Bebe Bebe
  • She got hit by a bus and was dead for seven minutes