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Brooke Lyons
Brooke Lyons 5
General Information
Gender Female
Age 32
Born November 8, 1980
Birthplace Washington, D.C., U.S.
Years Active 2004–present
Address Los Angeles
Occupation(s) Actress
Character Peach Landis
2 Broke Girls
Episodes Appeared: 7

Brooke Lyons is an American actress who is best known for her role as Amy in the 2008 film Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. Lyons was born in Washington, D.C. She grew up in Fairfield and New Haven, Connecticut and move around to many other towns in the state.


As a child she suffered from scoliosis, which debilated her from pursuing a career as a ballet dancer. Before being diagnosed, she studied dance at Joffrey Ballet School of the Dance, New England Ballet School in Connecticut, Boston Ballet and raveled to France. She wore a back brace throughout her time in the ninth grade. She ultimately had surgery to correct her spine. While she was a freshmen at Yale, she founded Connecticut Scoliosis Association and wrote about her experiences with the disease in the book titled Scoliosis: Ascending the Curve. The book was published before she began classes at Yale in 1999.


Title Year Note Character
Psych 2013 2 Episodes Elisa
Royal Pains 2012

1 Episode

Talia Clarke
Sullivan & Son 2012 1 Episode Ashley
Jane by Design 2012 4 Episodes Birdie
To Sonnets 2012 TBA
Love Bites 2011 1 Episode Coby
Law & Order: LA 2011 1 Episode Greta Thomas
Beautiful Boy 2010 Movie TV Reporter Voice
A Real Break-Up 2010 Short Movie Sarah
DateaHuman.com 2010 6 Episodes Ruthie

Important Things with Demitri


2010 1 Episode Helen
Kings by Night 2010 TV Movie Attractive Woman
Desperate Housewives 2009 1 Episode Candace
The Inner Circle 2009 Drama Sarah Lambert
The Morning After 2009 Short Movie Kirsten
Good: The Green Hotel 2009 Short Video Concierge (voice)
The Starter Wife 2008 1 Episode Edie
Dark Reel 2008 Movie Tanya Kismel
The American Mall 2008 TV Movie Dori

Welcome Home, Roscoe


2008 Movie Amy
With Friends Like These 2008 TV Movie Julie
X's & O's 2007 Movie Hazel
Protecting the King 2007 Movie Monica
Mindy and Brenca 2006 TV Movie Josh's Girlfriend
That's So Raven 2006 1 Episode Nikki Logan
The Trap 2005 Movie Erica
American Dream 2004 1 Episode Erin

2 Broke Girls[]

Brooke plays Peach Landis, and she has appeared in 5 episodes:


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