2 Broke Girls Wiki
General Information
Occupation(s) Dancer
Family & Friends
Relationships Johnny (Ex-Boyfriend)
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And Hoarder Culture
Last appearance And the Really Petty Cash
Portrayer Marsha Thomason

Cashandra is Johnny's girlfriend for two years. They broke up before "And Martha Stewart Have a Ball." She's British and a dancer.

Physical Appearance[]

Cashandra is tall, slim and black. She wears her hair in curls and is mostly dressed in trendy clothes.

Personality and Traits[]

She appears to be quite snobby, bitchy and, seems to talk down to people. She has the habit of introducing herself as "I'm Cashandra, Johnny's girlfriend." She speaks with a British accent.


  • She is Johnny's girlfriend and doesn't get tired of mentioning it.
  • She's "school chums" with "the" Adele.
  • She is British.
  • Max thinks she is cool.
  • She and Johnny had been dating for two years.
  • Is mostly called "Cash."