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Channing Industries is the term that refers to the industrial conglomerate controlled by the Channing family. It was founded and shut down sometime before the events of 2 Broke Girls.


Sometime before the events of 2 Broke Girls, a man named Martin Channing founded Channing Industries, and gained enormous amounts of wealth. It is unknown what the corporation did, although it is possible that it was a conglomerate. Due to Martin's wealth, he gained the ability to raise his daughter in privilege.

Although the company was successful enough, Martin "incorporated" a new business that was, in reality, non-existent. He managed to gather hundreds of investors to fund the business. In this act, he was eventually revealed to have operated a Ponzi scheme. After Martin was arrested by the police for fraud, Channing Industries was shut down, which stripped to Channing family of its wealth and assets, and sent Martin's daughter Caroline into bankruptcy, forcing her to become a waitress.

Whatever was left of the company was sold to Charity Channing's cosmetics empire, according to Caroline.


  • This company was likely the source of the family's wealth.
  • It is possible that Martin Channing founded the company himself.
  • According to Martin, he owned a business that had an annual revenue of $25.681 billion dollars. It's likely he was referring to his company.