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Charity Channing
And Not-So-Sweet Charity 4
General Information
Gender Female
Age 39
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Occupation(s) President of Channing Cosmetics
Family & Friends
Family Martin Channing - Brother
Caroline Channing - Niece
Relationships Astrid Channing - Mother (deceased)
Wesbox Channing - Father
Caroline - Niece
Martin - Brother
Peter - Possible Son
Steven - Possible Son
Employer Herself
Employees Sophie, Kevin, hundreds of employees
Enemies Caroline Channing
Other Information
Interests Lipstick, money, bullying Caroline
Vulnerabilities Caroline getting the best of her, cosmetic drugs
Weaknesses Cosmetic Drugs
Series Information
First appearance And Not-So-Sweet Charity
Last appearance And Not-So-Sweet Charity
Portrayer Missi Pyle

Charity is Caroline's aunt. She debuted in the episode And Not-So-Sweet Charity.


She's an extremely successful cosmetics company founder who is as nasty and cruel as she is wealthy. When Max and Caroline realize that their cupcake business is about to fail and they don't want to accept an offer from a wealthy deaf REIT broker (which would allow them to repay all their debts but end their business venture in failure), Max presses Caroline to ask Charity for a loan, which Caroline is NOT excited about doing because Charity made her life miserable when they were growing up by doing everything from beating her up to stealing a mug that was an important gift to Caroline. Charity is not sympathetic to their plight and denies ever mistreating Caroline, while Max sort of admires how Charity is both prosperous and a complete bitch.

When Caroline queasily helps Charity adjust her bandages after a facial dermabrasion procedure, Charity ends up getting high on painkillers and woozily writes Caroline a check for enough money to save the business. When Charity regains her senses, she voids the check and later shows up to non-apologize to Caroline for not helping, saying she's doing her niece a favor by letting her fail.

She does follow up on her admission (while drugged) that she never liked Caroline out of jealousy by handing over the mug she stole long ago, and leaving Caroline and Max to accept the REIT offer and say goodbye to their cupcake business dream. For now. The girls do have a little good fortune when they are walking around their former dream venture and a driver crashes his car through the side window where they'd have been standing if Charity had helped them out. Caroline notes the mug is destroyed and says, believably, she doesn't care as they leave.


Upon the first visit, she seemed to be cruel, manipulative and vain. Before Caroline was born, she was the darling of the house. After Caroline's birth, she was sidelined and that made her feel jealous. She took every opportunity to torture Caroline. She was obsessed with her face and underwent a torturous procedure for a face lift, all because she wanted people to wonder "Is she 38 or 39?, it's hard to say ".


It's not that big a deal Kevin. We're launching a lipstick at Target, not a missile at Iran.

—Charity Channing


  • She is either a lesbian or bisexual since she was cut off from the family will for sleeping with a Pakistani lesbian.