And the Extra Work 5
General Information
Gender Male
Age 10
Address Williamsburg
Family & Friends
Relationships Caroline - Owner
Martin Channing - Buyer
Other Information
Interests Carrots
Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayer Rocky - (S1 - S2)
Gunner - (S3)
Chestnut is a horse who belongs to Caroline Channing and lives with Caroline and Max Black in the garden of Max's apartment. Caroline received Chestnut from her father as a present because she had gotten her first period.


And the Cupcake WarEdit

As the girls are filming their audition for Cupcake Wars he walks into the kitchen to join them.

And the Three Boys With WoodEdit

  • Two Amish boys build Chestnut a barn in the yard; he has slept there since.

And the Psychic ShakedownEdit

And the Extra WorkEdit

It's Chestnut's birthday, Max and Caroline have prepared him a carrot cake. While Chestnut is munching on the carrots Max notices one of his shoes has fallen off. She mentions a blacksmith she used to date and tells Caroline she'll have him look at Chestnut. At the diner, Max tells Caroline the blacksmith has checked Chestnut's hooves and he has a hoof fungus which will require treatment, and he also needs new shoes. They take jobs as extras in a tv show filming in the diner to earn the money for Chestnut to be treated. 


  • Kat Dennings (Max) posted a vine of Chestnut behind the scenes. She revealed that the horse that used to play Chestnut is called Rocky. Source
  • Max has stated that she loves him , probably more than Caroline.
  • Kat also stated in an interview on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in April 2013 that Rocky's trainer has a second horse, named Taxi, who also gets brought to the set so Beth and Kat can ride the two of them around the Warner Brothers lot together. Source
  • Beth Behrs (Caroline) posted a photo on instagram in March 2014 which says the current horse who plays Chestnut is named Gunner. Gunner and Rocky look noticeably different. Source


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