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And the Extra Work 5
General Information
Gender Male
Age 8 (season 1)

9-10 (season 2)

11 (season 3)

12 (season 4)

13 (season 5)

14 (season 6)

Birthday April 29, 2003
Address Williamsburg
Family & Friends
Relationships Caroline - Owner
Martin Channing - Buyer
Other Information
Interests Carrots
Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayer Rocky - (S1 - S2)
Gunner - (S3)

Chestnut is a horse who belongs to Caroline Channing and lives with Caroline and Max Black in the garden of Max's apartment. Caroline received Chestnut from her father as a present because she had gotten her first period.


And the Cupcake War[]

As the girls are filming their audition for Cupcake Wars he walks into the kitchen to join them.

And the Three Boys With Wood[]

  • Two Amish boys build Chestnut a barn in the yard; he has slept there since.

And the Psychic Shakedown[]

And the Extra Work[]

It's Chestnut's birthday, Max and Caroline have prepared him a carrot cake. While Chestnut is munching on the carrots Max notices one of his shoes has fallen off. She mentions a blacksmith she used to date and tells Caroline she'll have him look at Chestnut. At the diner, Max tells Caroline the blacksmith has checked Chestnut's hooves and he has a hoof fungus which will require treatment, and he also needs new shoes. They take jobs as extras in a tv show filming in the diner to earn the money for Chestnut to be treated. 


  • Kat Dennings (Max) posted a vine of Chestnut behind the scenes. She revealed that the horse that used to play Chestnut is called Rocky. Source
  • Max has stated that she loves him, probably more than Caroline.
  • Kat also stated in an interview on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in April 2013 that Rocky's trainer has a second horse, named Taxi, who also gets brought to the set so Beth and Kat can ride the two of them around the Warner Brothers lot together. Source
  • Beth Behrs (Caroline) posted a photo on instagram in March 2014 which says the current horse who plays Chestnut is named Gunner. Gunner and Rocky look noticeably different. Source