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And the Pre-Approved Credit Card 5
General Information
Gender Male
Age 55
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Birthday 1967
Occupation(s) Former Car Dealer
Family & Friends
Family Earl - Father
Relationships Earl - Father
Friends Caroline Channing
Max Black
Other Information
Interests Comedy
Talent Comedy
Series Information
First appearance And the Pre-Approved Credit Card
Last appearance And the Pre-Approved Credit Card
Portrayer Cedric The Entertainer

Darius is Earl's son. He first appeared in the episode And the Pre-Approved Credit Card. He came to Brooklyn to pursue a career of being a comedian, by being voted the funniest person in the car dealership.


And the Pre-Approved Credit Card[]

Caroline then spills soup on him, which Max tells them that they have to get him a new shirt. They buy him a tuxedo, and he likes it. He then jokes in the comedy club and his father is shown laughing, along with the audience. At the end, Earl says that he is proud of the act Max did for Darius, and he reimburses Max for the shirt.


Darius has a father, who is revealed to be Earl. Earl said he is the best son he ever had. He also revealed in the episode he had just gotten out of a heavy marriage, so he is currently vulnerable. He also has many half-siblings.