2 Broke Girls Wiki
And the Bear Truth 5
General Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Family & Friends
Family Married to Dirk
Friends Max Black
Caroline Channing
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And the Bear Truth
Last appearance And the Bear Truth
Portrayer Jeff Howard

Deke is one of the "bears" Max and Caroline meet on their vacation in And the Bear Truth. He is a dermatologist, and he brought loads of cream samples to his cabin room.

And the Bear Truth[]

They join Max and Caroline in the sauna, and she gives him their business card. It appears they are cabin next to theirs. He and Dirk says it's their anniversary (manniversary). Caroline then gives him their business cards. He and Dirk are loving her, living her, and they want to come back as her.

Max then knocks on their door and he lets her in. The men have dinner with her. When they are in bed together, she climbs up with them. After a while, Caroline entes the cabin and climbs up to the bed too. The scene ends with all four of them in the bed smiling, and enjoying the rest of their weekend.


  • Dirk forgot his birthday, and got his ankle tattooed with his husband's birthdate.
  • Him and Dirk haven't had sex in a year.


Deke: I tell you how handsome you are every day. Caroline: Don't you guys look exactly alike?