2 Broke Girls Wiki
General Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Birthday Unknown
Occupation(s) Works at the office
Family & Friends
Friends Max Black
Employer Eli
Other Information
Interests Watching Cat Videos
Series Information
First appearance And the Temporary Distraction
Last appearance And the Temporary Distraction
Portrayer Debra Wilson


Delores is the worker in the office shown in And the Temporary Distraction. She debuted in the episode And the Temporary Distraction.


And the Temporary Distraction[]

She is first seen doing her work when Caroline comes up to her and gives her, her details. She then goes to call Eli but first explains that they should sign on a document, that if they get injured on the job it's not their fault. She gives them a video to watch, about sexual harassment.Caroline questions but then Delores gives her a set of logical reasons. Caroline wonders why she didn't get her name but Delores walks away, saying that she didn't give it to her.

She is next seen giving Max advice about what videos she should watch. She sits down and does their work. She is finally seen in the promotion scene, where she is amongst the people who heard the announcement of the promotion.