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Earl Washington
Earl 2
General Information
Gender Male
Age 82
Hair Color Grey-ish
Eye Color Black
Birthday March 15, 1936
Occupation(s) Cashier
Aliases Earl (by everyone)
Family & Friends
Family Darius - Son
Max Black - Daughter Figure
Unnamed Brother
Unnamed Daughter
Relationships Many sexual encounters
Friends Max Black
Caroline Channing
Sophie Kaczynsky
Oleg Golishevsky
Han Lee
Employer Han Lee
Other Information
Interests Music
Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayer Garrett Morris

Earl Washington, (born March 15, 1936), played by Garrett Morris, is the 80-year-old cashier who works at Williamsburg Diner where Max Black and Caroline Channing also waitress.

Earl first appears in the pilot episode. He repeatedly reminisces about the 60's and makes comments about celebrities he's performed, worked, or slept with.


All we know about his identity so far is his first name: Earl. His last name has not been revealed, but in one episode when Caroline is trying to convince a group of hipsters to buy his saxophone album, she says his name is Earl Samson. Though it fits, Earl tells Max that Caroline made up his last name just for that sales pitch and remarks how "that girl can sell." In "And the Rom-Commie" Earl's last name was revealed by former girlfriend, Pilar, as 'Washington'.

Physical Appearance[]

Earl is an old African-American man with a light grey beard, and hair covered by the several caps he wears to work. His height is unknown. When at work, Earl wears whatever he wants, which includes several different coloured flat caps and a pair of headphones.

Personality and Traits[]

Earl is a loveable guy who is always talking about the 60's and how it was so much better back then. He has a good sense of humour and a sharp wit, and he shares a father-daughter relationship with Max, which is filled with banter. He is one of the few people Max is consistently kind to and aside from Caroline, the only person Max has been vulnerable with. She openly cares about him and will go to great lengths to make sure he is okay and happy.

His drug use, particularly marijuana, is brought up almost every time he appears and he has mentioned abusing cocaine, heroin, and other drugs in his youth. Earl also often comments on the racism he experiences as a black man, telling anecdotes of being racially profiled and discriminated against, as well as slandering white people and social injustice.

Earl is nice to everyone usually, but will step in if his friends are being disrespected and take their side. This was demonstrated in "And the '90s Horse Party", when he slammed the counter with his baseball bat and changed the wall clock's time to 2:00 am, forcing Caroline's ex-boyfriend and his posse to leave the diner.



Earl has said he has many children, the only one been seen or mentioned is his son, Darius, played by Cedric the Entertainer, who appeared in "And the Pre-Approved Credit Card." He has had many sexual relationships. He considers Max as family, because of the jokes they share and the advice he gives her.

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  • Had four heart attacks.
  • He has supposedly slept with Angela Lansbury in a restaurant booth and she "begged for it harder."
  • He wears thongs.
  • He did cocaine during the '75 and 80's.
  • He knows when it is going to snow.
  • He thought that the WiFi Router was a cookie warmer.
  • He loves Max and thinks of her as a family member, which she finds nice.
  • He has a baseball bat under his counter.
  • He always wears a flat cap.
  • He worked with Marvin Gaye and the Gay Marvins (they were ahead of their time).
  • Han claims that he can play the saxophone.
  • Because he wears headphones, people mistake him for a DJ.
  • Although 80, he still gets slipped phone numbers by older ladies.
  • His PIN number is 2008.
  • A gathering of 2 or more white people makes him nervous.
  • He watches Downton Abbey because he likes "any show where the help is white."
  • He doesn't have a car.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He used to think T-mobile was a rapper.
  • He didn't like the Disney movie "The Lion King" because he though "it had too much Africa stuff".
  • He likes to smoke weed.
  • Plays bagpipes in marching band and wears a kilt