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Han Lee
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General Information
Gender Male (or is he)
Age 29
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Birthday February 15, 1984
Occupation(s) Owns the Williamsburg Diner
Family & Friends
Family Su-Min Lee
- Mother

unnamed father

Friends Max Black
Caroline Channing
Employees Caroline Channing
Max Black
Other Information
Interests Smoking
Strengths Firing people
Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayer Matthew Moy

Han (Bryce) Lee, (born February 15, 1984), is the owner of Williamsburg Diner, where Max Black and Caroline Channing work.


He wanted to be a jockey but was too short. It has been proven in several episodes that he is Korean. He tries very hard to fit in, by being a good manager of the diner, adjusting to the American culture that he's new to, and wanting to be with the hipsters.

Physical Appearance[]

He has brown coloured eyes, and black hair and is very short. This has been pointed out during many (if not all) of the show's episodes and is made fun of that quite regularly. He is usually seen wearing different coloured sweaters.He is often mistaken for a little boy, and sometimes even for a little girl.

Personality and Traits[]

Han tries to be hip to accommodate the diner. This has been shown throughout the series. It is revealed that he is looking for love. Han met a woman that Max sets up for him, and it is unknown their status from that episode. She has never been mentioned again.



His mother calls him regularly at the diner. When his mother visited, she mentioned that Han's father had cheated on her with another woman.


  • He changed his name to 'Bryce' in the Pilot, but this has not been mentioned again and everyone refers to him as Han.
  • His mother seems to be a "tiger mom."
  • He was once left alone at home to study while his family went on vacation.
  • His BFF is a guy named Jarmarcus, with whom he exchanged PIN numbers.
  • He was taken to a strip club by Earl.
  • He calls menstruation the time "where women chase the cotton mouse."
  • He has a ferret named Alvin.
  • He is 29 years old. Caroline, Max, and Sophie thought he was older.
  • His mother has called him twice in the diner.
  • He was mistaken for a woman, by Sophie.
  • He has a profile on Ok Cupid, which is apparently full of lies.
  • He studied Law in a Korean University. But for unknown reasons, he had to drop out.
  • He owns a handgun.
  • Han collects stickers.
  • Han is older than his actor Matthew Moy. Because Han was born in 1983 & Matthew Moy was born in 1984.
  • In And The Big Whole, Han said he's metrosexual.
  • Han is right-handed.
  • He is allergic to peanuts.
  • He would say yes to anything except health care, according to Caroline.