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Caroline and Max in their hotel suite, with Hollywood in the background.

Hollywood is an ethnically diverse, densely populated neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California. It is notable as the home of the US film industry, including several of its historic studios, and its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the industry and the people in it.


And the Lost Baggage[]

Max and Caroline arrive in Hollywood, though Max's luggage does not. While Caroline waits for a chance to talk to producer Perry Tyler, Max is upset that Randy, the lawyer she met at the hotel bar and later slept with, has not called or texted the next day. Sophie arrives in town, seeking doctors who have performed fertility treatments for over-40 celebrities.

And You Bet Your Ass[]

Caroline gets her meeting with the head writer for the movie, who tells her that they don't want a "Max" character in the film at all. Caroline is upset until the writer says they are thinking of Jennifer Lawrence for her role. Max goes on a date with Randy, who tries to set up Caroline with his elderly friend Bob, and later Max and Sophie go to an audition for The Price Is Right. In the end, Caroline tells Max she refused to agree to the film unless the Max role stays in.

And the Great Escape[]

While Caroline awaits a meeting with Jennifer Lawrence, who is interested in playing her role in the movie, Max offers to stay at Randy's house and watch his dog while he travels to Miami. But the dog runs away, putting the girls in the path of a serial killer. Meanwhile, Sophie is convinced that bad karma is preventing her from getting pregnant, so she tries in vain to stop insulting Caroline.

And the Pity Party Bus[]

The deal for the movie on Caroline's life story is a go, though she won't see a check for a month. As the girls prepare to head home, Randy meets with Max and breaks up with her through his therapist. As the girls take a party bus to the airport, Caroline insists they stop at Randy's house to get closure. Randy then tells Max he likes her too much, and knows how long-distance relationships usually end. Meanwhile, Sophie's spiritual healer says she can't help her get pregnant... because Sophie already is pregnant.



Caroline and Max in their hotel suite, with West Hollywood in the background.

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Max and Caroline at the Hollywood Sign with Walter Garry Vance being arrested.