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And the Three Boys With Wood 3
General Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Birthday 1996
Occupation(s) Woodsmith
Family & Friends
Friends Jebediah
Max Black
Caroline Channing
Other Information
Strengths Building things
Weaknesses Getting Erections
Series Information
First appearance And the Three Boys With Wood
Last appearance And the Three Boys With Wood
Portrayer Jack DePew

Jacob is an Amish woodsmith who help build a barn for Chestnut. He made his debut in the episode And the Three Boys With Wood.


As soon as he comes in alongside Jebediah, Max tells them to get out, believing them to be hipsters. He tells Max that they're really Amish and they are on spring break, they get to experience the new world and forget about their Amish cultures. Max apologises and offers them to sit in a booth.

Jacob and Jebediah, stay with Max and Caroline in exchange for building a barn for Chestnut. Throughout their stay with them, he shows an unwillingness to deviate from their beliefs and culture. Despite his protests, he couldn't hide his true feelings.

Jacob would get frequent erections quite easily, which would then cause him embarrassment and to quickly try to conceal in with his hat or by using his hands. However, Jacob was not aware that he had an erection each time it happened, he realized it, only after someone would comment on or bring attention to the fact that they could see it, by complimenting or say how cute it was.

After staying with them for a day he gets 3 erections (from seeing Sophie and Caroline). In the club, when Caroline offers to dance, he willingly chugs a beer and joins her. Caroline begins to dance very sexually with him, in order to prove to Andy that she isn't a refined rich girl. However, it quickly starts to be to much for him as he starts to get another erection and eventually falls to the floor, and passes out. We then discover that the reason was because, had an anxiety attack coupled with his first orgasm ever. He is then taken away in an ambulance.

Jebediah then informs Max that Jacob has decided to go back to his amish country as the city was too much for him to handle.

Religous Beliefs[]

In the Amish culture, he is very traditional about his faith, as he knows that coffee is the devil in the cup. He again reminds Jebediah that beer is the devil's saliva. In the club, he gets rushed to the hospital as he had his first orgasm, due to Caroline.


  • Is very musclar, like his Amish friend Jebediah.


Max: Why don't I both give you two coffee's on me.

Jacob: We can't drink coffee ma'am, coffee is the devil in a cup!

Jacob: Jebediah, beer is the devil's saliva!