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And the Three Boys With Wood 3
General Information
Age 16
Birthday 1996
Occupation(s) Woodsmith
Family & Friends
Friends Jacob
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And the Three Boys With Wood
Last appearance And the Three Boys With Wood
Portrayer Brandon W. Jones

Jebediah is one of the woodsmiths who helped build Chestnut a barn. He made his debut in the episode And the Three Boys With Wood. He is far more mature than his friend Jacob, and far more willing to indulge himself in new world culture.

Jebediah reveals that Jacob is going back to the country, but he would be staying in the city. At the bar, he met girl whose friend had died from overdosing, and obtained a place to live. He thanks Max for letting them stay and asks her for words of wisdom, but she has nothing to offer beyond encouraging him to enjoy sex and candy.


Jebediah: Did you see the size of her nursers?

Jebediah: Would it be okay if we took our shirts off?

Max (a little too eagerly): Yes.
Max: Stuttering Yeah I mean yeah sure if you want to..

They are very toned and muscular