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Joanne Morrs
General Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Occupation(s) Representative for Tenner Commercial Real Estates
Family & Friends
Employees Translator (Bob)
Other Information
Vulnerabilities Speaking
Series Information
First appearance And Not-So-Sweet Charity
Last appearance And Not-So-Sweet Charity
Portrayer Deanne Bray

 Joanne Morrs is a representative for Tenner Commercial Real Estates and she currently owns Max's Homemeade Cupcakes (shop). Her character debuted in And Not-So-Sweet Charity.


And Not-So-Sweet Charity[]

She and her translator come into the shop and ask to buy it and offer $25,000. Max says yes but Caroline says no and they give them a reason to sell it. They leave their card and Sophie wishes them well. Max and Caroline go and ask for money from Caroline's aunt, Charity. They don't manage to get it the first time, so they return to her aunt and get the $30,000.

We next see Joanne and the translator (Bob) asking about why the check didn't clear. It was revealed their aunt stopped payment. She gives them the document to sign and Max and Caroline sign it. They close up all the paperwork and leave, knowing that the space isn't theirs anymore. A car crashes into the shop when they leave, causing them to handle all the stress of repairs.


  • Is deaf, but can speak sometimes.


Caroline doing sign language as well Thank you very much but we're not interested. I speak a little sign language.
Joanne: You just said thank you very much but I'm not wearing underwear.
Caroline: I knew that tutor was screwing with me!
Max: And I'm the one not wearing underwear.

—Max, Caroline, Joanne