2 Broke Girls Wiki
General Information
Gender Male
Age 35 (as of 2023)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Birthday June 25th, 1987
Aliases J-Peg
Family & Friends
Relationships Cashandra (Ex-Girlfriend)
Unknown Ex-Fiancé,
Max (Ex-Girlfriend)
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And Strokes of Goodwill
Last appearance And the Big Opening
Portrayer Nick Zano

I. Johnny is a bar tender and artist, Johnny often draws on napkins at the diner which Max keeps. He was Max's friend and crush for a number of episodes.


Johnny graffiti's billboards in the early hours of the morning. On at least one occasion Max has stepped in as his 'look out guy' while he sprayed. At Johnny's girlfriend's gallery opening, Johnny has a painting in the show which looks like him and Max kissing. Even though he is dating Cashandra, him and Max spend most of the evening kissing each other. In the end, although Johnny's love for Max is obvious, he decides to stay with Cashandra, whom he later breaks up with for a different girl. Between then and the opening of Max and Caroline's cupcake store, Johnny was engaged to be married - though the engagement was broken off. At the cupcake store opening, Johnny and Max end up kissing in the back room of Candy Andy's, and it is clear they then have sex. The next morning they have pancakes with Caroline and Andy back at the apartment. They date for a short while but they both realize it doesn't feel right, and that they only want each other when they can't have each other. They break up but agree that they'll see each other again.



  • He is often spotted wearing a "Devo" shirt.
  • He goes by the name "J-Peg."
  • He wears hipster glasses.
  • He wears a rabbit mask while spraying.
  • According to Max, he's "legit."
  • Johnny’s actor (Nick Zano) Is 9 years older than his character is suppose to be.