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May 21, 1997

Liz Feldman is an American comedian, actress, producer and writer.

Life and career[]

Feldman is perhaps best known for her lesbian-themed vlog (video blog) on Afterellen.com, called This Just Outm which ran from May 2008 to July 2009; 3 extra episodes Oct/Nov 2010. She was a writer on the Emmy Award-winning team of television's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Feldman has been working on Shark Attack, a series on the website Funny or Die. She released her short film "My First Time Driving", which was directed by her sister Rebecca Feldman.

She is a writer and producer in Hot in Cleveland, which premiered on June 16, 2010. Liz is also a writer and producer on 2 Broke Girls.

This Just Out[]

This Just Out was a vlog presented by Feldman, co-written with Jason Allen, and co-produced with Raimy Rosenduft. The show was filmed in Feldman's kitchen and featured several recurring guest stars such as Kate Moenning, Clea DuVall, and Rachael Cantu. All guests were either involved in or sympathetic to lesbian culture, and connection, such as Uh Huh Her and Tegan and Sara. Each show featured a regular section in which Liz Feldman would bring on her friend and co-producer Raimy Rosenduft to talk about new busic. Dedicated to highliting and celebrating the work of LGB and LGB-friendly women, each show ended with Liz Feldman pointing at a rainbow sword at the camera with the catchphrase, I'm Liz Feldman and you're so gay. The show ended in July 2009.



Title Year Note
2 Broke Girls 2011-2012

2 Episodes

Hot in Cleveland 2010 1 Episode

Ellen's Really Big Show

2007 TV Movie

Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres



104 Episodes
My First Time Driving 2007 Short Movie
Blue Collar TV 2004-2006 45 Episodes


Title Year Note
2 Broke Girls 2011-2012 10 Episodes
Hot in Cleveland 2010 9 Episodes

Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres


2007 3 Episodes

2 Broke Girls[]

She has directed and written a lot of episodes, here's the list:





  • She was born in Brooklyn, New York.
  • In May 2012, she was engaged to Rachel Cantu.




Tegan Quin on This Just Out, part 1


This Just Out with Liz Feldman Series Finale 401.1