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And the Group Head 3
General Information
Gender Male
Age 53
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Birthday 1960
Occupation(s) Works at the Williamsburg Diner
Family & Friends
Family Unknown Mother,
Unknown Father
Relationships Oleg - Crush
Friends Caroline Channing
Max Black
Employer Han Lee
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And the Group Head
Portrayer Federico Dordei

Luis, portrayed by Federico Dordei, was the new day waiter at the diner, he is gay and immediately forms a crush on Oleg. He has been working as a waiter for a long time and changes work places often, he tells Max and Caroline not to get attached because of this but they become friends very quickly.



Physical Appearance[]

Luis is of above average height with olive skin, short black hair, and brown eyes.  He has a uniform in the same colour as Max and Caroline's which he wears while working at the diner. Outside of work he often wears the same brown leather jacket, along with loud patterned t-shirts. 

Personality and Traits[]





Luis: Ohh, so you're Sophie? Oleg's ex. Sister, I know all about you.

Sophie: Oh, Do ya, do ya know all about me?

Luis: I'm his good friend.

Sophie: You know I have trouble hearing your accent. Did you say good friend or girlfriend?

Luis: Please mami, I wish.

And the First Day of School


  • His ringtone is the Sex and the City theme, which he dances to every time he gets a call. He says he is most like the character Charlotte.
  • He's been a waiter for 27 years.
  • His father put a gun in his mouth at his 7th birthday party. 
  • He thinks Oleg is gorgeous.
  • He often recieves calls from his mother.
  • He goes clubbing often.
  • He is 53 years old and is implied to have had plastic surgery on his face. He said that his face cost $25,000, and that it is five years old.