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Martin Channing
And The Hidden Stash 2
General Information
Gender Male
Age 53
Hair Color Gray
Address Currently in jail
Occupation(s) CEO of Channing Enterprises (formerly)
Family & Friends
Family Astrid Channing (mother; deceased), Wesbox Channing (father), Charity Channing (sister), Caroline Channing (daughter)
Friends Max Black
Pet(s) Chestnut (horse)
Employees Servants and employees (formerly)
Other Information
Interests Money
Vulnerabilities Caroline hating him
Series Information
First appearance And the Hidden Stash
Last appearance And the Show and Don't Tell
Portrayer Steven Weber

Martin Channing is Caroline Channing's father. Once a rich and successful businessman, he lost all his wealth and was sent to prison after he was found to have been operating a Ponzi scheme, leaving his daughter to fend for herself with none of the money she was used to having in almost unlimited quantities.


In 1958, he was born into the Channing family. When he was 23, he founded Channing Industries, a conglomerate corporation, and became a billionaire, gaining the ability to raise his family in wealth and privilege. However, when he was 52, he committed a Ponzi scheme and was sent to prison, bankrupting his family.

And the Hidden Stash[]

Introduced in this episode, Martin talks to Caroline and Max. He bids Max go to the Channing Estate Auction to get a cup that Caroline won from horseback riding with Chestnut. They later return, ask him where the money was, and ask him why he asked them to get that cup. He has a heartfelt talk with Caroline, and then goes back to his cell.

And the Tip Slip[]

He comes into the prison meeting room, and gives the girls both hugs. He tells them that a girl who used to work for him is allegedly claiming that they slept together and had insider information on the ponzi scheme, which is why he fired her.  He also says that she will be going on Piers Morgan Live to tell the whole world about the book she is writing. Caroline modestly says she will defend his honour and go on the show to protect him. He asks Caroline to leave the room and she does, leaving him and Max all alone (with the guard of course). He then goes on to say that she is also claiming that he has a small penis, and that she should hear it from her friend instead of her father.


  • He sends his daughter flowers for Valentine's Day, even when she has a boyfriend.
  • Caroline's grandmother (most likely his mother) got rid of his unfaithful wife for cheating on him. Caroline made it clear that 'got rid of' didn't mean in a mob way, but "in a ruining social way which is worse".
  • He bought Chestnut for Caroline when she got her first period.
  • He rented the ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel every year on Thanksgiving specifically to feed the homeless.
  • He is in the prison for 50-60 years.
  • He was worth $6.4 billion before he was sent to jail.
  • Max had a crush on him and both of them have a flirty banter going on.