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Max's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Max Black in season one and season two, in 2 Broke Girls.

Season 1[]

Max: "Oh, and Oleg? When you get the chance, stop looking at my boobs."

Pilot, Max to Oleg

Season 2[]

Caroline: Oh cool is this your father?

Max: Yes, and my mother is a piece of chalk.

—Max, to Caroline, And the Pre-Approved Credit Card

Caroline: We inviting guests? We're all supposed to be business contacts.

Max:These guys have all had contact with my business.

Max: I wanna meet the owner of this awesome and totally cool cupcake shop? Oh never mind, that's me!

Max: Speaking of Christmas, here comes 2 and A half wise men.

Max: Look a new hipster strain, ironic Amish. No way I'm taking care of these two butter churners right now.

Look, I'm telling you what I told Mumford and sons. Get out.

Caroline: Ooh sorry I left my bra.

Jacob: stuttering You're bra?

Jebediah: Jacob stop acting like a child. I'm sorry about him.

Max: Don't be at least it was her bra, mine would've killed the kid.

—Max, Caroline, Jebediah and Jacob

Max : Fifth floor, end of dreams.

—Max, about the temp place, And the Temporary Distraction

Caroline: Caroline Channing reporting for my first day.

Max: Hey I'm temp number two where your bathroom at?

—Max and Caroline to, And the Temporary Distraction

Max: That temp place is soul-sucking and I didn't even know I had a soul to suck.

—Max to Caroline in the diner, And the Temporary Distraction

Caroline: Max what a great idea! a cupcake walk-up window, you're a genius!

Max: I just might be since i died!

And the Window of Opportunity