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 Max-Andy is the friendship of Max and Andy, which was formed in the episode And the Candy Manwich. They stopped talking to each other in And Too Little Sleep. They have a very banter based relationship.

Season 2[]

And the Candy Manwich[]

Max and Caroline are in the soup kitchen, and they both spot Andy coming into the shop. He then leaves and the two girls follow him into his store. Max suggests Caroline should go for him and they both go in and Max is interested in the candy. Caroline vomits everywhere and the next day Andy talks to Max about a party he is hosting.

Max agrees and takes the party bags and tries to get Caroline to come, because if she does Andy promises her free candy for the rest of her life. At the party Max and Andy are talking and he tells her a lot about himself. She then tells him to come to her apartment and when they arrive Caroline embarrasses herself more. He then shows up at the diner and Max leaves so Caroline and Andy can talk. Andy asks Caroline out on a date and Max is happy for both of them.

And the Three Boys With Wood[]

Caroline and Max are talking about Caroline's first date with Andy, and Max gives some helpful advice. Andy knocks and Max opens the door. They talk and they enter the living room, where Max gives out Caroline's last name. This leaves Andy a bit surprised, but still goes out on the date with her.

And the Egg Special[]

Max and Andy didn't have much interaction this episode, but when they (and Caroline) go into the Soup Kitchen Max and Andy share different views on the area. Andy leaves the two girls, saying "I'm going to spray blood all over my walls to make Max like it more".

And the New Boss[]

And the Big Opening[]

And the Silent Partner[]

And the High Holidays[]

And the Bear Truth[]

And Too Little Sleep[]

And the Worst Selfie Ever[]