Max-Earl Relationship
And Too Little Sleep 3
Started Friendship
Prior to Pilot
Friendship Status
Best Friends (consider themselves family)
Ship Name(s)
Known Each other
A long time
Max-Earl Relationship is the friendship of Max and Earl, which was formed prior to Pilot. They still remain to be best friends. Their relationship is based on banter.

Season 1Edit

Memorable Dialogue:

Max: "Earlll! Earl! I made your favorite! Red velvet!"

Earl: "My little cupcake brought me a cupcake. Lemme pay you for that."

Max: "Oh no no! It's on the house. It's your birthday. How old you gonna be?"

Earl: "Seventy five."

Max: "Oh Earl, if you were just three years younger." 

While training Caroline she points to Earl and says: "That's Earl, we're in love. Do not talk to him unless you want to feel whiter than you already are."

Season 2Edit

And the Big HoleEdit

Max tries to fix the relationship between Han and Caroline, so she goes to Earl for help. He gives her good advice, which then uses to patch them both up. It was good advise because it worked and Han and Caroline were friends again.

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