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Max Black
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 24 (season 1)
25 (season 2)

26 (season 3)
27 (season 4)
28 (season 5)
29 (season 6)

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Waitress

Business Owner (Max’s Homemade Cupcakes/M&C Desert Bar)


Family & Friends
Relationships: Randy (Fiancée)

Robbie (Ex-boyfriend) Johnny (Ex-boyfriend) Deke (Ex-boyfriend) Sebastian (Ex-boyfriend/hook up) Nash (Ex-boyfriend) Owen (Ex-boyfriend)

Friends: Caroline (Best friend)

Earl (Friend/Father figure) Han Lee (Friend/Former boss) Sophie (Friend/Neighbor) Oleg (Friend/Co-Worker)

Pet(s): Chestnut


Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Kat Dennings

Maxine George Black (born June 9, 1987) is a main character in the show 2 Broke Girls. She lives with her best friend Caroline Channing and they both work at the Williamsburg Diner. She is played by Kat Dennings.


Max is quite the opposite of Caroline. She is sarcastic, a trait that comes from having a dysfunctional family. Her main ambition is to get high and laid, preferably at the same time. Despite coming from a poor background and a broken home, it makes her a very exquisite character. Filled with wits, she is content with a regular life. Having been a waitress for almost her entire life, she has always fended for herself. This has led her to become slightly bitter, but she tries to hide it with her sarcasm as her emotional shield.

After Caroline finds out about her talents at baking cupcakes, she hatches a plan to start a cupcake business with Max, with her as the baker business head, but they find that they will first need $250,000 to pay for property, permits, and equipment. Despite her poor background and apparent no-care attitude, she has attended college, but she had to take out student loans to attend. She also majored in art.

Season One[]

The first season for Max is about her newfound friendship and her newfound business. She gets together with Caroline to build their dream business, a cupcake shop.

Season Two[]

The second season for Max is about her adjusting to their cupcake shop, which they get in the eighth episode. Soon after they get used to it, they lose it due to rent problems in episode eighteen, and the rest is picking it up from there. However, in the last episode, they find a window of opportunity for their business.

Season Three[]

The third season for Max is about her new window of opportunity, which they still have at the end of the season. It's also about how she attends Manhattan School of Pastry and how her relationship with Deke develops throughout the season. Then Max broke up with Deke because she knows Deke cannot live without his rich money after his parents cut him off. Max is shown to be heartbroken after her breakup with Deke.

Physical Appearance, Personality, and Traits[]

Max is of average height with long dark brown hair she typically wears in waves, deep-blue eyes, and pale skin. She is almost always seen wearing eyeliner and dark red lipstick. One of her trademark physical characteristics is her large bust, which she and other characters on the show often comment on. Max can be seen with her hands on her hips almost all the time. She is considered attractive and beautiful by both men and women.

Throughout the show, Max can be characterized by her sarcasm and cynicism, often making jokes and throwing casual insults even when inappropriate. Part of it comes from her enjoyment of teasing those around her (especially Han and Caroline), but it's also a tough front to prevent people from getting too close to her. She rarely allows herself to be vulnerable or show affection and on the limited occasions where she does, it comes with extreme difficulty. This is due to a lifetime of being let down by the people around her and as a result, she doesn't believe good things can or even should happen to her; even if they do, she often believes they are doomed to fail, which contrasts with Caroline's optimistic worldview. While not as academically gifted as Caroline, she relies on her street smarts and manipulation skills to get her what she wants, and is rarely intimidated by anyone, countering threats with verbal and even physical assaults.

Considering sex one of the only free sources of entertainment, Max often engages in masturbation and casual sex and is very open about her promiscuity, frequently telling anecdotes about her sexual escapades. The actual number of her sexual partners is unknown (even to herself), though she does have a number of long-term relationships over the series, most notably with Deke and Randy, the latter of whom she later becomes engaged to. In relationships, she is often hesitant, not knowing how to be happy and open up, and has a tendency to self-sabotage to avoid getting hurt.

Max is also extremely lazy, rarely willing to go out of her comfort zone, which results in Caroline needing to drag her along for things like business ventures. She is not particularly altruistic and prefers to mind her own business, but has a soft spot for animals.

Max is mostly seen wearing her work uniform and outside of work, she usually dresses casually in clothes from Goodwill. She has a preference for dark colors, flannels, and graphic tees, and is almost always seen in dark boots.

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Although it isn't shown most of the time, she is quite nice and is generally friendly, especially to her co-workers in the diner.

Caroline Channing[]

Max Black 2

Han employs Caroline in the pilot episode, and she and Max strike up an unlikely friendship, which later develops further along the series. In the last episode of season two, their friendship is put to the test when they have a conflict about Max's happy meal toys. The big argument is in the back room (soon to be the new Max's Homemade Cupcakes), where Max tells Caroline off for having her indirectly break the toys. She then gets electrocuted and Caroline gives her CPR to keep Max alive, which reignites their loving relationship.

In the second episode of season three, Max accidentally sends the text, "I'm so sick of you" to Caroline, which she receives. They argue again, but this time it ends in Max admitting her feelings to Caroline, telling Caroline that she loves her. Caroline then reciprocates by saying "I love you" back, and the two reconcile.

Main article: Max-Caroline Relationship


Max and Johnny have a confusing relationship. Beginning as friends, but after a couple of awkward moments consisting of a celery, a horse, and Max's boobs, Max attempts to kiss Johnny, only to find out later that Johnny has a girlfriend called Cashandra, a British woman. Johnny admits that he has feelings for Max, but does not dump Cashandra. Later in the series, Johnny tells Max that he is engaged, to a different girl, having split up with Cashandra a couple of weeks ago. Later on still, Max and Johnny decide to have a relationship with each other, but soon after they realize that they only want one another when they are dating someone else, and decide to split up. (ads)

Candy Andy[]

Andy and Max have had a very humor-based relationship, which share very similar traits to the relationship she has with Earl. They both are connected to Caroline. They then end their friendship in the fourteenth episode of season two, as a result of Caroline getting jealous that they are still friends.

Main article: Max-Andy Relationship


Earl and Max are good friends. In the pilot she gives him a cupcake, free of charge. She sees him as the father figure in her life, as her real father is not even aware that Max exists. Earl has supported her cupcake business from the start, and is proud of her often. In Season 1, episode 16 - Earl has a heart attack after seeing Sophie all dressed up. Max takes him to the hospital, where she demands everyone to do whatever it takes, to help Earl.

In the fifth episode of season two, she pays for a new shirt for Earl's son so he could be proud. He repays her and tells her he's very proud.

Main article: Max-Earl Relationship

Han Lee[]

Max pokes fun at Han every chance she gets, she makes a short joke at his expense in nearly every episode. Sometimes their relationship is strained since Max is constantly making fun of him, but most of the time they're friends. However, Max got Han a girlfriend in "And the 90's horse party"and he went to Max’s graduation so this shows they might have a good, friendly bond.

Main article: Max-Han Relationship


Before Oleg dated Sophie he would constantly stare at Max's breasts, and was often trying to convince Max to have sex with him. During and after his relationship with Sophie, he started to treat Max more like a friend, and he would no longer stare at her chest and make innuendos. Max and Olegs relationship is fairly sexual with Oleg making comments about her breasts (he wants to touch, lay his face on her chest) but they're relationship can be seen as a very good friendship. For example, when Oleg had to clean up his apartment for Sophie, she was cool with the way it looked.

Main article: Max-Oleg Relationship


Max and Deke met on their first day of Pastry School, after both laughing at something Chef Nicolas - their teacher - had said, they ended up in the hall outside the classroom together. Max asked Deke if he was a drug addict, upon seeing him take a needle out of his bag. He explained that he was a diabetic and he needed to inject himself with insulin. Max made a comment that he must be rather self destructive seeing as he's a diabetic pastry chef.

Later when Deke didn't take his insulin on time his body started to shut down, he told Chef Nicolas that he needed his insulin and since Max knew how to use needles from her own drug use she was the one to inject him. He recovered and they became friends.

Max, Caroline, and Deke went to a bar together - eventually Chef Nicolas arrived too and while Caroline and him were making out Deke suggested that Max and he should also. Max was surprised, and he explained that he meant fake comedy making out. He started to lick Max's cheek and she pulled a surprised face.

In class Deke helped Max with the dough she was kneading, he told her that it needed more water and helped her wet the dough. Their hands touched while they both worked the dough, Max stopped for a moment to look at him, but nothing more happened.

During a study session in Max's bedroom Deke mentions that Judy, a girl in their class at school, texted him saying that she wanted to study and have sex with him. Max told him to go for it, even though she planned to tell him that night that she had feelings for him. He left to go to Judy's, but the next day at school, Max and Deke were talking and he realized they were both going to fail their exams. He made an excuse and left, moments later the fire alarm went off and everyone went to evacuate. Deke stopped Max in the hall outside the classroom and told her that he pulled the alarm because she was going to fail and he didn't want to go to class without her there. He admitted that he and Judy had not had sex. Max told him, "If you like a girl, you just grab her and kiss her." So he pulled her into his arms and they shared their first kiss.


Max cares for her mother, but she also dislikes her for not caring much or being there for her. She has never taught Max anything, which forced Max to face life and learn how to do things by herself. She says that her mom was not a good mother, she was not lovely, or a good example of life for her. According to her, the only time her mother bought milk was when she disappeared and her face was on the milk. Max has never known her father and claims that, whoever he is, he definitely does not know about her existence, and she accepts that.


Main article: Max's Quotations

Max: "Anything new. Let's see... Well, Facebook went public and Edward Snowden went private. Kim and Kanye had a baby so now there's another Kardashian to not keep up with. Paula Deen is out. Gay marriage is in. And a teacher in California is out for letting her students get it in. Justin Bieber got a hit and run. Chris Brown got a hit and run. Rihanna got hit and still didn't run.

Oprah gave Lindsay two million dollars. Cunnnilingus gave Micheal Douglas throat cancer. And Micheal Douglas gave guys everywhere another excuse not to do that. Egypt went crazy. Amanda Bynes went crazier. And the N.S.A checks our phones like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Oh! And Texas hates women, Florida hates Blacks and everybody hates everything with the exception of Angelina Jolie who is totally awesome."

And the Soft Opening, Max

Max: "Welcome to the Williamsburg Diner, my name's Max because the hospital wouldn't let my mother name me Oops."

And the Soft Opening, Max

Caroline: Oh cool is this your father?

Max: Yes, and my mother is a piece of chalk.

Max: Maybe I'm the kind of person who only wants something they can't have, and when they get it they don't want it anymore.

Max: I don't cry. I sold my tear ducts to an organ bank for cash two years ago.

Max: "I have a reason to join instagram. People are gonna be like, food, food, cat, food, nails, nails, MURDER?!"

And the Egg Special, Max


  • Max Black is based on series creator Whitney Cummings.
  • She went to school at NYU, that was untrue since she never graduated high school.
  • Claimed she never lost anything but her virginity. Claiming his name was Coach- something?
  • She got her G.E.D.
  • She keeps porno magazines under her mattress.
  • Max is looking for her father through porno magazines.
  • She likes mustaches.
  • Max has stabbed someone before.
  • To do an impression of her mother requires a half bottle of vodka, a Christmas tree and lit cigarette.
  • She has described herself as self-destructive.
  • Max fornicated in a dumpster before Deke.
  • Max loves music.
  • She has said that she never goes out on water because she knows if she starts drowning, she isn't going to fight it.
  • She claims she uses a credit card she found at Six Flags.
  • Her mom may have missed her graduation because she was released from prison and is now living in a cardboard box outside of Hope, RI. According to the RI Parole Department.
  • She has hinted she has been assaulted multiple times in some way before.
  • Max is based off famous roblox socialite “MarieMorgana” AKA “beautymaxxingcyberhO”
  • Max has flat out stated she has "trust issues".
  • She is pro gay and bisexual.
  • She had previously lived in a car with her mother for a year and shared a couch with her for nine months.
  • Kept a diary. One entry read, 'Christmas day my mother drank herself into a coma, pored hot water on my mother's head. New year's day still no response'
  • There is a chance she has donated blood before because she has said she was at a blood drive.
  • She has 27 garden gnomes under her bed.
  • When Max had her first period, she stole half a beer and a painkiller from her mom's boyfriend. It was, in her words, "pretty awesome."
  • The only thing Max likes more than hoarders is people who are too fat to fit through doors.
  • Max supposedly collected uranium tubes in her youth and stated that it was good money.
  • She is obsessed with both clowns and kittens.
  • Although she denies it, she loves Chestnut, Caroline's horse and walks him every morning.
  • She hates Hipsters.
  • She is color blind.
  • She went to college, and she had a dream to illustrate children's books; her colorblindness, however, scotched that dream.
  • She is good at cleaning.
  • She uses Peruvian painkillers. She also smokes marijuana, and has a dealer.
  • She swore to never use the term "OMG" but did to describe Caroline's closet; and she said it in French (oh mon dieu) when she walked in on Nicolas shirtless with Caroline.
  • She likes "The Strokes," and has some good memories of one of their concerts.
  • She has a bath towel that is 12 years old. She found it in a dumpster.
  • She likes Red Bull.
  • She likes gum, as she can be seen and heard chewing gum with her mouth open in many episodes.
  • She once had a puppy that ran away.
  • She likes Teen Mom and Bear Claws.
  • She hates karaoke, open microphone nights, poetry slams, and flash mobs.
  • She once worked at a Mexican restaurant, a movie theater, a Quiznos, a Hooters, the Gap, a cruise ship, as a temp at an insurance company, and an Ethiopian restaurant.
  • She worked at 8 Dairy Queens and got fired from all of them.
  • A pregnant girl once pulled a knife on her.
  • She never checks Facebook.
  • She once manipulated a 10 year old kid (whom she was baby sitting) to buy a box of Pop Tarts with his allowance.
  • Her favorite TV show is, perhaps not surprisingly, Cupcake Wars; however, she also loves Law & Order.
  • She loves makeup, especially red lipstick and nail polish, and secretly likes her work uniform since she thinks it brings out her sexy side.
  • Her birthday is sometime in June, which is later revealed to be June 9, 1987.
  • Max is a Gemini.
  • Her mother thinks she committed suicide due to a note Max left prior to Season 2.
  • She has no sexually transmitted diseases. Both she and her doctor were surprised!
  • She once got electrocuted in the episode "And the Window of Opportunity", and her breasts were too big to the point where it is impossible to give her emergency chest compressions without having to remove her top, as noted by Caroline saying "well I'll never get through those!" while looking at Max's bust, she is instead subsequently revived when Caroline administered mouth-to-mouth on Max.
  • The night after her breakup with Robbie, Caroline thought she was crying in her room until Max revealed she was masturbating.
  • She went to North East high school in Hope, Rhode Island.
  • She has stated that the one good thing she can do is sleep like a dead baby.
  • She has had at least 39 different sexual partners; male and female.
  • In "And the Pearl Necklace," Max calls Martha Stewart (whom she and Caroline had previously encountered in 1x23 and 1x24, "And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part 1)" and "And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part 2)" respectively) a "Cake Tease."
  • Max is right handed.
  • She prefers Cocoa Pebbles cereal over Fruity Pebbles cereal.
  • Her safe word to stop during sex is "potsticker".
  • She has a candy corn in the spot where one of her molars should be, however it is unknown why she doesn't have said molar anymore.
  • She was hit by a taxi in 2x02, "And the Pearl Necklace."
  • Caroline once found her keys in between her boobs, as revealed in 6x06, "And the Rom-Commie."
    • It was also revealed that they once found the TV remote in between her boobs.
  • She mentioned to being abducted at least on two occasions.
    • She mentioned at age 7 her face was on a milk carton.
    • Mentioned at one point a trucker borrowed her for six months.
    • She ran into her second kidnapper at a restaurant he was working at.
  • Her uncle is in jail.
    • Her aunt (possibly named Becky) is also in jail for vehicular manslaughter.
    • She may have helped Becky with pervs at the Elk's Lodge. (this may have been a full house reference)
    • She helped her cousin give up a baby.
  • She may have worked in a coat factory, which is why her lungs are coated in asbestos. She worked in an underwear factory, where she was underpaid while underage and taken advantage of on the assembly belt. And the worst factory of all the cheesecake factory where it was cheesy.
  • She frequently makes fun of Han Lee (as she should) for being a short woman I like Andy


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