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Miss Trudy
Trudy and Dennis
General Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Occupation(s) Secretary/Wife
Family & Friends
Relationships Dennis Endicott III - Husband
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And the Window of Opportunity
Last appearance And the Window of Opportunity
Portrayer Jennifer Elise Cox

Miss Trudy, is the wife of Dennis Endicott III and made her debut in And the Window of Opportunity.


They arrive (along with a parrot) for the yard sale. Miss Trudy prefaces by saying that when Dennis is angry, he takes it out on her. While everything seems like garbage or as Caroline considers “vintage,” the Trudy bunch isn’t really interested in anything. Dennis takes a shine to Max’s nugget Happy Meal collection. Even though they offer Max a large sum of money, Max declines. As they exit, Dennis tells Trudy that she’ll pay for it with a punishment pillow.


She seems to be timid, and a submissive house wife. Even though she is punished whenever Dennis doesn't get what he wants, she claims that she actually enjoys the punishment.