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Mrs. Black
General Information
Gender Female
Age 40s
Family & Friends
Family Max Black - Daughter
Relationships Many different boyfriends
Other Information
Interests Drinking
Series Information

  Mrs. Black is Max's unseen mother. Not much of her backstory is known, but according to Max, she is an alcoholic and occasional drug addict. Max mentioned many boyfriends, who were not very nice to her.

Physical Appearance[]

She has not been shown on the show.

Personality and Traits[]

Mrs. Black is described by her daughter as very irresponsible and careless. It is mentioned that she had a lot of men in her life but never told Max who her father was. She is not a very trusting person and often spied on her boyfriends, with the help of Max. It is not known how she feels about toher daughter. But from Max's description, it seems like Mrs. Black saw her more as a caretaker or accomplice.


  • She once went to Mardi Gras with her then boyfriend and put 11 year old Max in charge of being the designated driver.
  • She and Max searched a dumpster for proof that her boyfriend was cheating on her.
  • She seems to be a heavy alcoholic and drug addict.
  • She gets Birthday cards from Max with $50 in it.
  • She lives outdoors.
  • She made Max drink shots with her when Max was only a baby.
  • She never made an appearance on the show. Source
  • Max once said she could renact her childhood Christmas's with a Christmas tree, a bottle of vodka and a lit cigarrette.