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Nashit O'Brien
And the Look of the Irish 5.png
General Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Sky blue
Occupation(s) Waiter at The High
Dishwasher at the Williamsburg Diner
Family & Friends
Family Mother
Five siblings
Relationships Max Black - Girlfriend/Hookup
Employer Joedth
Han Lee
Other Information
Talent Modeling
Series Information
First appearance And the High Hookup
Last appearance And the Minor Problem
Portrayer Austin Falk

Nashit 'Nash' Terrence O'Brien, portrayed by Austin Falk, is a recurring character on 2 Broke Girls. He was briefly a waiter at The High, and was a dishwasher at the Williamsburg Diner.



Physical Appearance[]

Nash is extremely handsome, with caramel colored hair, creamy white skin and eyes a brilliant blue. He stands around 6ft, and is very muscular and athletic looking.

Personality and Traits[]

He is Irish, and loves to have sex with women older than him.


Max Black[]





  • His father is Indian, and his mother is Irish.
  • Joedth found him on the street, next to a dirty chair.
  • He only came to America two days before he got his job at the High, and he had been sleeping on the dirty chair Joedth found him next to.
  • Nash turned 18 a couple of days before his mother found him in New York as revealed in And the Minor Problem.
  • Nash was 17 while he was sleeping with Max.  Though Nash was a "minor," the age of consent in New York is 17 - meaning their relationship was not illegal.