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Nicolas Saintcroix
And the Pastry Porn 7
General Information
Gender Male
Age 42
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Birthday 1972
Address France, Europe
Occupation(s) Owns and teaches at the Manhattan School of Pastry
Family & Friends
Family Juliette - Wife
Employees Bebe - Receptionist
Caroline Channing - Office Worker
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And the Pastry Porn
Last appearance And the Near Death Experience
Portrayer Gilles Marini

Nicolas Saintcroix pronounced Nicholas or in French Nichola Sanqua, portrayed by Gilles Marini, is a recurring character on 2 Broke Girls. He owns and teaches at the Manhattan School of Pastry until he moves back to France to sort things out with his wife, Juliette.



Physical Appearance[]

Nicolas is of above average height, with dark brushed back hair, and hazel eyes. While he is at the school he wears his chef attire consisting of a white chef jacket with his name embroidered on the left and the school logo on the right, and black pants. 

Personality and Traits[]



Caroline Channing[]

Nicolas & Caroline met in And the Pastry Porn when Max goes to enroll in the Manhattan School of Pastry. In And the First Day of School Caroline begins work as an employee to pay Max's tuition. She instantly develops a crush on him and they go out in And the French Kiss. They make out in front of Max and Deke who are uncomfortable and later in the episode Caroline finds out Nicolas is married and insists on ending their relationship. Though later, Caroline made out with him on his desk so he wouldn't notice Max was underneath it stealing the upcoming pastry test's answers. Since then, Nicolas still flirts with her and she ices him off despite the fact that she still finds him attractive.


Juliette is Nicolas's wife, who lives in France. She is in an open relationship with Nicolas. She and Caroline skyped to confirm that she indeed gave her permission for Nicolas to sleep with her.




  • He's married to Juliette, who is still living in France
  • He finds Caroline cute especially when she is angry
  • His name, according to his office door, is Nicolas Saintcroix - his name is also on his chef's shirt but it is difficult to read.
  • In And the Not Broke Parents it is revealed that Nicolas moved back to France to sort things out with his wife, Juliette after she found out he was cheating on her or so she thought since he apparently has a history with not one but two girls.