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And the Fun Factory 3
General Information
Gender Male
Age 32 (season 1)

33 (season 2)

34 (season 3)

35 (season 4)

36 (season 5)

37 (season 6)

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Birthday January 25, 1979
Address Oleg's Apartment (Old)
Sophie's Apartment (Current)
Occupation(s) Works at the Williamsburg Diner
Aliases The David Blaine of Zippers
Family & Friends
Family Barbara Kaczyński-Golishevsky (daughter)
Olga Golishevsky (mother)
Svitlana Golishevsky (Cousin)
Vanko and Vanko (Brothers)
Unnamed Niece
Relationships Sophie Kaczynsky (Wife)
Friends Max Black
Caroline Channing
Candy Andy
Employer Han Lee
Other Information
Interests Sex
Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayer Jonathan Kite

Once you go Ukraine, you will scream with sex pain.

Vanko "Oleg" Golishevsky (born January 25, 1979) is a chef at the Williamsburg Diner. He is portrayed by Jonathan Kite.


Oleg was born and raised in Ukraine, but moved to the United States for work, where he was employed by Han Lee to work as Head Chef in the Williamsburg Diner. Like him, many relatives of his were born with the name Vanko, so he goes by his middle name Oleg so it would be less confusing.

Although he is Ukrainian, he has Russian ancestry through his grandmother.

He is married to Sophie Kaczynsky.

Physical Appearance[]

Oleg is tall, and has brown hair, brown eyes, and a goatee. He is usually seen wearing a hairnet (since he is the chef) and a chef's hat; in later seasons, he is seen without the hat, which reveals his hair is curly and he keeps it fairly long, just above his collar. He wears a lot of mesh tops and eccentric pants. It is revealed in an episode in season one that he buys clothes and cuts the armpits out to give his arms freedom.

Personality and Traits[]

Oleg is portrayed to be very perverted, shown by the jokes he makes and his general character. He often makes lewd comments about Max, Caroline, Sophie, or pretty much any woman, spies on or fully leers at them, and it is implied (mostly by himself) that he is involved in the pornography industry or at least films and photographs sexual content. He frequently sleeps around, has no qualms about cheating or seeing multiple people at once, and is always looking for sexual gratification, even while working. His seediness extends to other parts of his life as well, such as being in America on a fake Green Card, as well as being involved with drugs and the black market (or at least having connections with people who do).

Oleg is also noted to have poor hygiene, with characters often commenting on his body odour, terrible breath, lack of cleanliness, and his disregard for food safety. His skills as a cook are questionable at best, with Han even calling him a "terrible cook", though the grossness of the diner food is the combined effort of Oleg being a incompetent chef and Han providing expired and/or second-rate ingredients, but there are rare instances where people have given him positive reviews, such as Caroline's grandmother. It should be noted that there haven't been many complaints about the taste of Oleg's cooking, but rather just the iffy methods and ingredients he uses to cook them (eg. massaging the meat, not washing his hands, leaving a beak in a sandwich, losing a bandaid in the food, etc)

Even though he is known for being perverted and for sexual harassment, Oleg is relatively good-natured, willing to help Max and Caroline when he can, such as procuring appliances for them (illegally most of the time) and fixing things for him. Even though they usually turn down a lot of his offers of help (usually because he makes it sexual or because it's illegal), Oleg usually means well. His softer side especially shows through with Sophie, who he deeply loves and is (more or less) devoted to. Oleg may come on as just a sex driven creep but he has been shown to be a good, trustworthy, and caring friend.



We see in season 6 episode 4 "The Godmama Drama" we meet his mother for his daughters baptism. It is mentioned in "And the Soft Opening" that Sophie smashed his car windows, his apartment windows, his stereo, his flat screen, his brother's TV and his niece's computer when they broke up because Oleg cheated on her.


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  • He owns a town car business that has a slogan "Lie back and I will ride you till you tell me to stop."
  • He's mostly seen wearing shirts with cut off sleeves.
  • He was able to unzip Max's uniform without touching it.
  • He calls himself, "The David Blaine of Zippers."
  • He sells cigarettes from New Hampshire to New York school children.
  • He likes to take pictures of his penis.
  • He has had 1685 sexual partners.
  • He was on Ukraine Big Brother.
  • He is the first character to appear on-screen in the Pilot.
  • He constantly stares at Max's cleavage.
  • He specializes in threesomes, foursomes and even fivesomes.
  • He and Sophie break up in the Season 2 episode of And the Window Of Oppertunity but get back together in the Season 4 episode of And the DJ Face.
  • His first name is actually Vanko, but since there are so many people in his family with that name he goes by his middle name, Oleg, to avoid confusion.
  • In And the Disappointing Unit, Oleg married Sophie.
  • He Is right-handed.
  • He has criminal links and has bought stolen goods and also sold drugs like hashish and cocaine