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Randy Walsh
General Information
Gender Male
Age 37
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation(s) Lawyer and politician
Family & Friends
Family Dorothy - Grandmother
Thierry (Son)
Victoria (Daughter)
Relationships Max Black (Wife)
Employer Himself
Other Information
Interests His Family
Vulnerabilities Nails in the Floor

food at the diner

Series Information
First appearance And the Lost Baggage
Portrayer Ed Quinn

Randy Walsh, portrayed by actor Ed Quinn, is a recurring character in the fifth season of the hit TV show 2 Broke Girls. The character debuted in the episode And the Lost Baggage. He breaks up with Max often, but in the end, they end up together and are engaged at the end.

Physical Appearance[]

Randy is tall and muscular with brown hair and hazel eyes. Despite his profession, Randy tends to dress casually.

Personality and Traits[]

Randy and Max have a similar sense of humour. Randy jokes around and is known to get in on the inside jokes in the diner.


Randy is a celebrity lawyer and politician, who represents people like Bradley Cooper, Nicole Kidman and George Clooney. And has run for president 1x but did not win


Max Black[]

Randy first meets Max at a hotel restaurant, during Max and Caroline's trip to Hollywood. They quickly develop a sexual relationship, that later evolves to more. Despite them both having feelings for each other, Randy breaks up with Max (via a therapist) when she leaves to go back to New York, because he knows that a long-distance relationship can't work.

A while later, Randy shows up at the diner to see Max. He claims he's there on business and wanted to see how she was doing. He later reveals that he is actually there for a month, to see if their relationship could work.

Caroline Channing[]

Randy and Caroline have a friendly and joking relationship. Caroline had a dislike for him after he broke up with Max, but forgives him after they get back together.