2 Broke Girls Wiki
Robbie 2
General Information
Gender Male
Age 28 (Pilot)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Birthday 24 April, 1983
Address Max's Apartment - Formerly
Family & Friends
Relationships Max Black
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance And the Big Opening
Portrayer Noah Mills

Robbie was Max's boyfriend before and during the events of the Pilot episode. He is portrayed by Noah Mills.

Physical Appearance[]

Robbie is tall, good looking and has short, black hair. He is muscular and has an eight pack. He's mostly spotted in tight shirts or completely shirtless. He has the ability to make smart girls act stupid because of his looks, as Max puts it. Caroline says that he looks like someone off the cast of Jersey Shore.

Personality and Traits[]

Robbie is self-obsessed to the point of being borderline narcissistic, lazy, not very bright and he cheats on Max frequently. He doesn't understand what a break up is and tries to engage in a threesome with Max and Caroline. He also did not believe Caroline when she told him that she rejected him trying to have sex with her.

In the episode And the Big Opening where Max invites all her ex-boyfriends to rub her success in their faces, Robbie shows up and tells Max that he is an alcoholic and his sponsor told him to make amends. He then proceeds to tell Max that every time they slept together he would steal money from her. Max is clearly not happy but got over it after admiring him one last time.


  • He has a bunch of house keys that he carries around, obviously from other women.
  • He plays in a band, that plays music in their heads, likely due to laziness.
  • He sleeps till four.
  • He was Max's room mate before and during the Pilot episode.
  • He wears tighty-whitey briefs.