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And the New Boss
General Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Occupation(s) Student
Family & Friends
Employer Caroline Channing
Max Black
Other Information
Weaknesses Text Messaging
Series Information
First appearance And the New Boss
Last appearance And the New Boss
Portrayer Abby Elliott

Ruth was an intern who made her debut in And the New Boss. She was later fired for being rude and not being a good employee.


Ruth made her first (and probably only) appearance on the show when Max and Caroline hired her as their cupcake shop's unpaid intern. Max had wanted to hire another woman who had big breasts, but Caroline made the executive decision to pick Ruth. It was a decision both women quickly regretted: Max, because Ruth was spoiled and couldn't do even menial tasks, and Caroline, because Max began hyper-identifying with Ruth's unpaid worker status and turned against Caroline as an overbearing boss. Things reached a head when Ruth didn't show up to help Max and Caroline pick up discount furniture and accidentally sent out a text calling Max "dumb". Caroline ordered Max to fire Ruth, and after once again taking the intern's side Max admitted there was a "block" that kept her from getting rid of Ruth. Max finally got her head straight, deflected Ruth's pathetic excuse about her insult (claiming she was talking about Caroline) and said "in business, you need to be more Ruthless. As in no more Ruth. You're fired." Ruth lamented her loss of school credit and said she was likely to get expelled anew, but cheerfully noted "It's all good, right?" before leaving the store for good.