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And the Worst Selfie Ever 6
General Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation(s) Receptionist at the Williamsburg Clinic
Family & Friends
Friends Max Black
Caroline Channing
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And the Big Hole - Press Release
And the Worst Selfie Ever - Press Rlease
Last appearance And the Worst Selfie Ever
Portrayer Kym Whitley

Shirley is a receptionist at the Williamsburg clinic. Her character debuted in the episode And the Worst Selfie Ever.


And the Worst Selfie Ever[]

She is seen at the clinic, assisting Max and Caroline with their query. Caroline requests they go somewhere private but Shirley said she needs to say it out loud. She then tells Shirley her problem and Shirley said that a test for herpes costs $250. Max and Caroline prepare to leave when one of Max's ex's come and greets her. Shirley gives Max a sexual history form.

We then see her coming into the Williamsburg Diner wanting to talk to Caroline. Earl directs her to Caroline and they sit down to talk. She tells them that Caroline's test result says it was landury detergent that caused the reaction. Max then says she went back to the clinic and Shirley said that she is clean from any diseases.


  • Loves to give good news to people.