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Soup Kitchen is in Williamsburg, opposite Andy's store Candy Andy's Treats Sweets & Treats.


And the Candy Manwich[]

After seeing two girls having fun at their restaurant, they decide to have fun themselves. They see a shop called Soup Kitchen. After much discussion, they decide to go in, where the waitresses are nuns. She tells them that there are only four recepies available to eat. 

After eating Sloppy Joes, Caroline says this is the best horrible thing she's ever eaten. After a few minutes later, Caroline vomits in Andy's store. After vomiting, she said she was fine and three minutes later she was vomiting again on the floor.

And the Egg Special[]

Andy is telling Max and Caroline that people broke in tonight and  a bunch of people got shot, and apparently it was a drug deal gone wrong. They said it was a bloodbath, and they pulled many bodies out of it. Max then tears down the 'crime scene' yellow and black tape and goes in. Andy then leaves which leaves Max and Caroline to talk.

Caroline then states that this should be their shop : Max's Homemade Cupcakes. Max then states that they don't have the money, but Caroline adds that because there's just been a tragedy, it'll be cheaper. She also says that the blurb is going to help them get money, and then Max asks if their ready or not. Caroline says this is a big step, but they can handle it.


After the Egg Special, they bought the shop. It is now called Max's Homemade Cupcakes.