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The Williamsburg Diner is a greasy spoon diner owned by Han Lee. He purchased it from the Russian mafia. Max Black, Caroline Channing, Oleg, and Earl all work at the diner with Max and Caroline working as waitresses, Oleg as the cook, and Earl as the cashier.

In the third season, Han hired a new day waiter, Luis. In the season 5 finale Max and Caroline pay off Han's gambling debt with the rest of their movie money earnings in return for partial ownership of the diner.


The diner looks like any traditional diner. Inside, there are orange-covered booths and a counter where people can sit at. There is a rotating display of cakes. Behind the counter, there is a window where Oleg sets the food out for the servers (Max and Caroline) to deliver to the diner's patrons. Behind the counter there is wood paneling, and a corded telephone hangs on the wall to the left of the kitchen window. At the cashier's area, where Earl is usually sitting, there is a cash register (though at one time Han talked about switching to a computerized system, which Max did not approve of), and the internet router - which Earl mistook for a cookie warmer. The kitchen is mostly metal, like many restaurant kitchens. Behind the kitchen, there is a back room which Han did not know the diner had until the health inspector came to inspect the diner in And the Window of Opportunity. When cleaning the back room, Max and Caroline find a large window out onto the street, and Caroline has the idea to make it into a cupcake walk up window - Max and Caroline open their new cupcake shop in And the Soft Opening. Han has an office in the restaurant. There are restrooms in the diner, however, the viewers only got to see inside the female restroom in And the Secret Ingredient.